What’s in it for me? Learn techniques to achieve the effective HR communication you need and your employees deserve.

Most companies are very mindful of how they communicate with customers, but when it comes to their own employees, communication with them is not usually as ambitious or carefully planned.

This is a mistake because just as communication with customers keeps them engaged and loyal, the same is true for communication with a company’s employees.

Human Resources, or HR, is traditionally focused on contracts, pension schemes, training and recruiting, and less on how to communicate all this work in a way that encourages employees to interact and get the most out of their relationship with their company. So, let’s look at how an effective HR communication campaign works and how to go about creating one.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • What IMPACT has to do with communicating effectively;
  • why the question “why?” is so important; and
  • why you should learn to KISS.