What’s in it for me? Learn to deal with your emotions as they arise.

“I’m not good enough,” “If only I were a better partner,” “I’ll never be able to handle that presentation tomorrow”– do any of these thoughts sound familiar? They probably do.

Unfortunately, our inner voice often sounds like a drill sergeant whose sole job is to make harsh judgments and create a swirl of negative emotions.

In these blinks, you’ll learn how to see these self-deprecating words for the distortions that they truly are. You’ll be presented with ways to unhook yourself from the unhelpful patterns and negative emotions that are created by the distorted stories your mind creates. And you’ll learn that being emotionally agile means dealing with your emotions as they arise, an ability that is sure to benefit your relationships and your work, not to mention your relationship with yourself.

You’ll also learn

  • why you don’t have to force a smile if you don’t feel like smiling;
  • how downplaying your weaknesses can actually make you less self-confident; and
  • that people who claim to like playing golf are often just kidding themselves.