What’s in it for me? Understand, detect and resist the extortionists of the heart.

Have you ever felt guilty after saying you couldn’t help a friend or family member? Did it come from you or was it something the other person said that made you feel it? If it’s the latter, chances are you’ve been subject to emotional blackmail. But isn’t that a bit too strong a word for our social interactions?

Not really. Most of us have been the victim of emotional blackmail at some point in our lives. Sometimes it’s obvious, other times it’s harder to see. One thing’s for sure: it leaves us feeling pretty lousy. In these blinks, we’ll meet couples from the author’s therapy practice who show us how emotional blackmail works – and what we can do to not partake in it.

In these blinks, you’ll discover

  • how emotional blackmail works best in the FOG;
  • why certain character traits might make you more susceptible to blackmail; and
  • how your points of pride might become weapons for your blackmailer.