What’s in it for me? Improve your emotional intelligence and succeed in work and life.

To maximize your career potential, you need to strengthen your people skills. Even if you’re a strategy expert or tech genius, if you want to climb the corporate ladder, you need to know how to interact with people, whether employees, investors or customers.

And people skills are just the start. To survive the stress of modern working life, you too need to become an expert self-manager, able to control your emotions – even under fire.

Thus success today depends largely on having strong levels of emotional intelligence, or EQ. Solid EQ is what allows you to develop strong relationships not only with others but also with yourself. These blinks provide tested ways for you to learn what it takes to become more emotionally intelligent.

In these blinks you’ll discover

  • why you should get to know your coworker’s nickname;
  • how you can embrace public shaming to get stuff done; and
  • why you can tell a lot about someone from just looking at their shoulders.