What’s in it for me? Millionaires are everywhere – here’s how to become one.

When the author was in his thirties, he began working with Dave Ramsey, famous for his radio program and best-selling books about fiscal discipline and wealth creation. As a result of this influence, the author became a financial coach and started seeing things in a whole new light. He got out of debt and started building real, lasting wealth.

These blinks are inspired by his findings on millionaires – who they are, what they believe and, most importantly, what behaviors brought them to success. They are based on a study by the author and his research team, the largest and most complete ever to be conducted on millionaires. They got in touch with more than 10,000 American millionaires to ask about their habits, their beliefs and their strategies.

There are a lot of lies out there about millionaires. It’s time to set things straight, and this is what these blinks aim to do.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • why you should never pay for a brand-name education;
  • the secret to Michael Phelps’ Olympic success; and
  • how to program your financial GPS.