What’s in it for me? Learn how offshoring hurts furniture companies, and how one fought back.

Few threats are as serious to American manufacturing as offshoring. Cheap production in China, Taiwan and Indonesia, combined with government support, has driven down the prices of manufactured goods in America.

Furniture manufacturing took a particularly hard hit.

American factories closed. Mass swaths of employees were laid off. Entire towns were decimated.

These blinks are the story of offshoring’s attack on American furniture manufacturing, through the lens of a Virginian family business, that fought back. It’s about how an industry came together to fight the low prices of Chinese furniture, and learned that their brand was more than just a sticker on the bottom of a kitchen table.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • how to fight offshoring;
  • why making prices as low as possible isn’t a good strategy; and
  • how China’s government helps its companies get the upper hand.