What’s in it for me? Discover the long and fascinating history of being afraid.

Are you petrified every time you step onto an airplane? Do you live in fear of the thought of a house fire? Perhaps it’s spiders or snakes that make you tremble most of all? Most of us have something that stirs up our greatest fears, and the same has been true throughout history; fearful people have existed across societies, continents and generations.

But this doesn’t mean that we’ve always been scared of the same things – or in the same way. Fears that used to dominate society in the past, be they the thought of nuclear war or witches, no longer grip us in the same way. So, how has fear changed throughout history? These blinks will take a look.

In these blinks, you’ll also find out

  • how mass panic affects the design of concert halls;
  • why scaring soldiers can sometimes make them braver; and
  • which fear has remained constant across history.