What’s in it for me? Discover a world full of surprising connections.

We never know how far our words and deeds might travel. How could Johannes Kepler, the world’s first astrophysicist, have anticipated in 1603 that his allegorical story about a moon voyage would lay the groundwork for future science fiction? How could Maria Mitchell, America’s first female astronomer, have known that she would become an icon for women in the sciences when she was simply following her passion?

The truth is, our lives echo long after we’re gone, ringing out in myriad directions. In these blinks, we’ll follow these echoes and trace the lives of a number of historical figures, and discover how they interweave in often surprising ways. 

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • what Johannes Kepler foresaw about the Apollo mission;
  • how Maria Mitchell achieved fame as an astronomer; and
  • what Lord Byron’s daughter accomplished as a mathematician.