What’s in it for me? Discover the many ways life can be meaningful.

Does life have meaning? Is it possible for meaning to exist in a world full of suffering? Does death render everything meaningless? Most of us have found ourselves puzzling over big questions like these at some point in our lives.

But answering them? That’s another matter. Questions like these, for most of us, ultimately seem impossible to solve. They’re lofty and esoteric, defying practical solutions. It seems like you’d need to have some kind of mystical experience to really crack them.

In these blinks, you’ll learn otherwise. Through easy, straightforward arguments, you’ll find out that the meaning of life is a much more normal, everyday phenomenon than it might seem. You’ll see that everyone’s life can be meaningful, and everyone can acquire the philosophical tools to think about – and answer – life’s big questions in a clear and logical way.

You’ll also find out

  • why perfectionists don’t have meaningful lives;
  • what a clean kitchen floor can teach you about the meaning of life; and
  • how talking to a child about candy can help you see the value in your life.