What’s in it for me? Understand why you eat the way you do and how you can change bad habits.

Which types of food do you love the most? Do you prefer pizza, sushi or chicken and dumpling soup? If you do have a favorite dish, try now to articulate why you love it. Perhaps your preference has to do with flavor, texture or something more elusive?

More often than not, the foods we love are those with which we grew up, dishes that often appeared on our childhood tables. They somehow connect us to memories of other meals we ate when we were younger.

From your very first bite to your last, what and how you eat influences and changes your palate, teaching your body to crave the flavors that your mind comes to love. Let’s dive into the wondrous world of taste and flavor to figure out what makes your tummy rumble!

In these blinks, you’ll discover

  • why less than 25 percent of food marketed to children is good for them;
  • what Japan can teach the rest of the world about eating; and
  • how nearly half of American men suffer from a delusional self-image.