What’s in it for me? An argument for a stateless society.

What would life look like without a central government? Many assume that it would result in chaos – a lawless country full of crime and cruelty.

But this terrifying vision isn’t at all accurate. In many societies of the past, like ancient Ireland, people lived in relative peace for many years without a central State ruling over them. In the modern world, though, a truly stateless society has never existed – so, understandably, it can be hard to imagine.

However, things are slowly changing. Many people are beginning to turn to libertarianism, an ideology that strongly favors individual rights and advocates for abolishing much of the central government. 

These blinks will give you a broad introduction to libertarian thought. You’ll find out why libertarians are so opposed to central government, and you’ll discover how a libertarian society might function. By the end, you might just find yourself looking at the State with a more critical eye.

Along the way, you’ll learn

  • how all rights can be interpreted as property rights;
  • why libertarians think inciting a riot isn’t a crime; and 
  • how free markets could reverse pollution.