What’s in it for me? Learn simple strategies to get more out of life.

Friday Forward is a global phenomenon among inspiration-seekers. And it began as a simple weekly inter-office email. CEO Robert Glazer wanted to connect with his team by sharing messages around personal growth. So he passed along snippets of text, images, and stories that he found authentically inspiring.

Glazer’s weekly note to his 40-person team was continuously “forwarded” on, growing this inspirational email blast to over 200,000 regular readers in over 60 countries. Glazer’s now considered an expert in energizing people to achieve their best. In these blinks, you’ll learn about four life-changing principles, which he calls the “four capacities”: areas we need to develop so we can stop underperforming and start living meaningful and inspired lives. 

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • what Harvard researchers view as the secret to a happy life;
  • why IKEA’s best corporate attribute might be underperformance; and
  • how one woman weathered the worst week of her life to change the world.