What’s in it for me? Get behind the scenes of a Trump-supporting town.

Many people point to the people of Midwestern towns and swing states when trying to make sense of how Donald Trump was elected president, blaming, in particular the white, working-class culture for the political turn. But by looking at the development of the all-American town of Lancaster, Ohio, you’ll see why this is an overly simplistic explanation.

These blinks reveal how a town could go from bustling with growth and community bonhomie to a brutal demise. When the wellspring of the town’s success, the Anchor Hocking Glass Company, landed in greedy, corporate hands, things quickly took an ugly turn. As it turns out, believing in the American Dream is not enough for a town to persevere. Indeed, a toxic combination of bad management and private-equity financiers can wreak havoc on a whole city.

You’ll also learn

  • that in Lancaster, having a drink at the bar could get you a job;
  • how Trump’s key economic adviser initiated the small Midwestern town’s downfall; and
  • why the people who ripped the heart out of the town are still celebrated by the townspeople.