What’s in it for me? Discover how economics can create positive change in the world.

So many things seem to be going wrong in the world that it’s tempting to throw your hands up in despair. We hear that immigration is out of control; that imposing high import taxes on goods will cause the economy to plummet; that if we save the environment it will mean sacrificing people’s jobs, but if we don’t we’ll become extinct.

This is a horrifying cacophony of doomsday scenarios. And what makes it worse is that we often don’t know who to believe. Instead of engaging in substantial debate, politicians seem to be screaming over each other.

Amid this hubbub, we sometimes see economists popping up on TV, making dire predictions, or criticizing the policy of one political candidate or another. Economists seem intrinsically partial, aligned to business interests or a political ideology. We don’t really understand what they do, or how they reach their conclusions. 

In these blinks, you’ll have a chance to regain your faith in economics. With down-to-earth insights from two Nobel Prize-winning economists, you’ll learn that a lot of the economic theories peddled by politicians are flawed, and that the most seemingly intractable social problems have clear economic solutions.

Along the way, you’ll learn

  • why imposing tariffs on Chinese steel may cause American farmworkers to lose their jobs;
  • why robots can steal accounting jobs but won’t be able to walk dogs; and
  • how an influx of immigrants can improve job prospects for locals.