What’s in it for me? Learn how to create a startup, and have fun in the process.

Have you ever heard stories about startups and wished you could start one, too? Many people yearn to leave their day jobs and strike out on their own, but doubt that they’ll be able to come up with a good idea for a startup, much less figure out how to execute it. 

Stories about successful startups usually make it seem like their founders are geniuses who are struck by divine inspiration. But in fact, anyone can come up with a good idea if he’s prepared to put in some time and hone skills like creative thinking, empathy, and resilience in the face of failure.

In these blinks, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to creating your own side hustle or startup, including everything from strategies for coming up with a good idea to ways to pitch to potential investors. 

In these blinks, you will discover 

  • why doing fieldwork is vital for every entrepreneur; 
  • how to escape your inner critic; and
  • why quitting can be the most courageous thing you can do.

Last but not least, in Blink 10, you’ll also find an exclusive blink crafted by the author herself, covering content not found in the book!