What’s in it for me? Be the parent your child needs.

In the 1960s, when journalist and educator Esther Wojcicki was a new, young mother, she struggled to know where to turn for parenting advice. Nowadays, things have changed. In fact, modern parents are bombarded with tips and strategies on how to raise their children right. Unfortunately, though, much of this advice focuses on how to help your child become a high achiever, often through micromanaging their actions, rather than how to develop a happy, well-adjusted member of society.

That’s where Esther Wojcicki comes in. Instead of focusing purely on success and achievement, her advice highlights the unsung values you should be passing on to your children, like trust, respect and independence. Drawing on the poignant real-life experiences of her own family, as well as those of her students, these blinks show you how you can excel at the most important job you’ll ever have: raising the next generation.

Read on to discover

  • what you can learn from your own childhood;
  • how much structure your child really needs; and
  • why parents shouldn’t behave like helicopters.