What’s in it for me? Civilize conversations with your child.

We’ve all been there, sat in a restaurant about to enjoy a meal when, on the table next to us, a child starts ranting and raving. No matter what the parents do to try to calm him down, the screaming continues. Eventually the parents themselves resort to raising their voices and demanding the child pipes down. One thought crosses your mind: thank God that isn’t my kid!

But how can you ensure that you never make the same mistakes? To avoid the screaming child situation you need to learn to communicate effectively with rugrats and teenagers alike, and these blinks will show you how. With the right techniques, you can minimize the tantrums and misunderstandings of family life.

In these blinks you’ll discover

  • why you should never punish your child;
  • why you should never praise a child for something they haven’t done; and
  • why you shouldn’t tie your child’s shoelaces for them.