What’s in it for me? Read about the battle that defined the Vietnam War.

Since its end in 1975, the Vietnam War continues to retain a special place in the American psyche, and indeed internationally. To many, the war symbolized the futility of the US’s cold war policy.

The continued resistance of North Vietnamese troops coupled with the massive loss of American lives was taken as proof that the US attempt to prevent the spread of Communism by force was futile.

And yet, this wasn’t always the view. Before 1968, the Vietnam War had been largely supported across the United States. Many saw it as a just, and winnable war.

It was largely the result of one battle, for the ancient city of Hue, that turned public opinion against the Vietnam War. These blinks explain this battle and its effects on US military strategy and American politics.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • how anti-war sentiment ruined Lyndon B. Johnson’s career;
  • some basic strategies for urban warfare; and
  • the symbolism of the flag raised above Hue by the Communists.