Welcoming her baby into the world should be a profound moment of joy and celebration in a mother’s life. But all too often, her baby’s arrival is marked by fear, pain, and even long-lasting trauma. Many women have a negative experience of childbirth and are left with permanent physical damage to their bodies to prove it. But what if there were a better way to experience labor – a gentler way that didn’t involve so much suffering? 

Luckily, there is. In these blinks, you’ll learn how most women can give birth without drugs, medical intervention, or violent pushing. You’ll discover a simple yet profound truth: your body already knows how to have a baby, and your baby is perfectly capable of guiding itself out of your body without outside interference. You’ll uncover the simple exercises and techniques that can put your body and your baby back in control in the delivery room. Many women have been taught to accept pain as a rite of passage into motherhood. But when you’re equipped with knowledge of your body and the right strategies, you’ll realize that having a healthy, happy baby doesn’t need to be harrowing. 

In these blinks, you’ll learn 

  • how to harness the power of your mind for a better birth;
  • what fear does to your uterus; and 
  • why you don’t need to push your baby out.