Follow the five levels of leadership to become a true leader with lasting impact.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working under a great boss, you already know that having an inspiring leader can make a world of difference. Great leaders have the vision – that is, the ability to navigate a dynamic, fast-changing business world.

A modern company is like a sailboat on a stormy sea. Like the captain, the leader knows how to navigate the stormy waters and chart the course to get to where you’re going. After all, the steering wheel and sails can be operated by anyone on-board, as long as there’s a leader to set the right course.

As you can see, having a visionary, forward-thinking leader is crucial. However, it may surprise you to learn that these kinds of leaders are made, not born.

Pretty much anyone can be appointed to a leadership position. But that doesn’t automatically give them influence or sway over other people. We’ve all experienced bosses who seem to think that their rank allows them to do anything they please, but leaders like that never manage to motivate their team or achieve the desired results.

On the other hand, influential leaders know how to reach the right people, develop a good strategy and get things moving. And as we’ll see in the following blinks, there are five distinct levels you have to pass in order to become that kind of effective leader.

It’s important to note that learning these leadership skills is like climbing a ladder: you have to master each step before you can climb higher. So keep reading to find out how to climb the leadership ladder and become a truly inspiring boss.