Final summary

The key message:

A true leader isn’t characterized by her formal job description, but rather by her influence on other people. To have the greatest impact as a leader, support your staff, build effective teams and allow people to grow and become leaders themselves.

Actionable advice:

Listen carefully to how your employees are doing.

In our daily lives when most of us ask, “How are you?” we don’t really pay attention to the response. As a leader, you need to change this. In order to establish a connection to the people you work with, try to really listen to their answers: Watch the other person’s body language to try to gauge how they’re feeling; be genuine to establish a new level of understanding and nurture trust.

Suggested further reading: The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker

In The Effective Executive, author Peter Drucker offers a step-by-step guide to becoming a more productive and effective executive. By mastering a few procedures and principles, you can develop your own capacities as a leader and also support your employees’ strengths, with the goal of improving results across your organization.

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