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High-performing businesses make a habit of constant self-improvement. They might be the best in their field, but they know that they could still be better. Whether they’re finding new ways to celebrate their employees or innovating new solutions to their technology challenges, the most successful businesses are always thinking about how they can maintain their competitive edge. 

Actionable advice:

Unlock new learning opportunities with a mentoring scheme.

Staff in high-performance businesses know how to do their jobs well, but they still look for opportunities to learn more. You can satisfy this thirst for knowledge by setting up a mentoring program. This could take the form of senior managers mentoring more junior employees or, for your senior leaders, giving them the opportunity to be coached by someone outside the organization. Many mentors report that they get just as much out of these programs as the people they’re helping, so this is a great way to engage staff at all levels of your business. 

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