Final summary

The key message in these blinks:

Mental illness is not something of which to be ashamed. Although it’s true that living with a mental illness can be difficult, exhausting and upsetting for those affected and their loved ones, there is an upside. History shows us that some of the greatest world leaders were effective and unique because of their histories of mental health issues. It was precisely what was “wrong” with them that made them successful.

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As you’ve seen in these blinks, psychiatry and its history are fascinating. Psychiatry has developed over time, contributing to our understanding in both the medical and social sciences. In our blinks to Shrinks, you’ll learn the story of psychiatry’s astonishing development. It’s taken 300 years, but we’ve come a long way. From the discipline’s crude and brutal past methods based on strange and shocking therapies through to its much improved modern iteration, these blinks have an astonishing story to tell.