What’s in it for me? A mind-expanding exploration of the human mind, history, and the universe.

If you visit a university campus, you’ll find each department sequestered away in its own building. The disciplines remain largely insular, the lines between fields firmly partitioned. When you leave the campus, however, a difference becomes apparent: reality isn’t partitioned like that at all. 

To truly make sense of the world, and of our minds, interdisciplinary thought is necessary. We must critically examine the ideas – both bad and good – that have taken hold in our societies. In particular, it’s our job to analyze the bad ideas, replace them with better ones, and create a better world for everyone.

These blinks cover some of the broad themes discussed in the podcast Making Sense, which consists of conversations between author Sam Harris and various guests. In them, we’ll explore everything from consciousness to selfhood, tyranny, artificial intelligence, and beyond.

Along the way, you’ll discover

  • why thermostats might be conscious;
  • that free will is an illusion; and
  • how everyone you know is made of math.