What’s in it for me? Discover a new and better way of parenting by listening to yourself.

As anyone who’s been to a store for children or babies lately knows, modern-day parenting can be a jungle. You find yourself staring down row after row of the latest baby equipment, toys, gadgets and parenting books. What to choose? And when did strollers get so expensive? Add to this the countless blogs and online parenting forums, and you might start asking yourself if it really has to be so complicated and expensive to raise kids. Isn’t there a simpler way? Enter Minimalist Parenting.

Minimalist parenting is about trusting your own values and preferences once again. As these blinks will show you, becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean that your old life is gone forever; keeping your dreams and passions alive is not only good for you and your relationship, it’s also good for your children.

With a few tweaks and some reprioritizing, you can make your life as a parent much more fun. These blinks will show you how.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • why being selfish is good for your kids;
  • why looking for the perfect school for your children is a waste of time; and
  • how minimalist parenting will help you have more money left over for fun stuff.