What’s in it for me? Discover the ploys the rich and disreputable use to hold on to their money.

Do you ever wonder how the rich stay that way? What exactly they do to stop taxes and tariffs from whittling away at their money? Are you curious about how they leave so much wealth to their children?

If so, you’re in luck – the blinks that follow will answer all those questions and more. Illuminating the tricks and tactics employed by the rich and powerful, they touch not just on financial regulations but also on global corruption, crime, and even assassination.

When finance became global, piecing things together began to get very difficult – something of which very clever and very rich people have taken great advantage. If you’re interested in finding out exactly how, dive into the blinks that follow and begin to unravel the mystery.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • what a wedding dress reveals about global finance;
  • how a T-shirt sent a terrifying message; and
  • which US state is a blossoming tax haven.