What’s in it for me? Learn the modern science and ancient wisdom of true happiness

What’s your goal in life? Maybe it’s to achieve the job of your dreams, start a family, or travel the world. Perhaps it’s a combination of all three. But for many of us, happiness is a goal in itself. 

Throughout history, people across different cultures and religious and spiritual traditions have traveled miles along dusty plains and climbed the steepest mountains to reach enlightenment – that is, the highest peak of human possibility. These people sought to become as wise, strong, loving, and happy as they could be. But the path there wasn’t always easy.

In these blinks, we’ll take a look at how to reach true happiness and fulfillment by embarking on a seven-step journey of awakening. 

Using author Rick Hanson’s neurodharma approach – which fuses modern neuroscience with teachings from the Theravada Buddhist tradition – we’ll look at practices for becoming more mindful, balanced, and connected to the world.

You’ll also learn

  • why meditation affects the brain positively;
  • how to steady your mind and concentrate better; and
  • practices for healing past pain.