What’s in it for me? Be awed by the power of the human brain.

What do a nurse who persistently hallucinates cartoon people; a mother whose own hand tries to strangle her, Dr. Strangelove-style; and a librarian who laughs uncontrollably for hours at a time all have in common?

They’re all crazy, right? 

Actually, no. In most respects, all of these people are lucid, rational individuals with whom you could have a normal conversation. What they have in common is that they’ve all suffered damage to a portion of their brain, producing some odd – but ultimately predictable – symptoms.

Neurologists are interested in studying these exceptional people – not just because they have a morbid taste for the strange or deviant, but because exceptional brains have a lot to teach us about how “normal” brains function.

So, while these blinks might appear to be talking about the brains of others, they’re really talking about yours and about how it constructs every aspect of your experience – from your perception to your very identity.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • how the admiral Lord Nelson proved the existence of the soul;
  • which part of the brain lets you speak directly to God; and
  • a simple trick for bleaching your hair stark white.