What’s in it for me? See modern employment in a whole new way.

Ever since the rise of capitalism in the seventeenth century, more and more people around the world have found themselves cut off from the traditional ways of making a living. Long gone are the days when most of us could support ourselves by tending to a little farm or running a small enterprise, like a butcher shop or a bakery.

Sure, these things still exist, and some people still do them. But for most of us, there’s one main answer to the question of how to put food on our plates: get a job. This puts our livelihoods at the mercy of employers.

But that’s okay, the defenders of capitalism assure us. After all, we live in a free-market society. That means workers and employers are free to make deals with each other as equal parties of a contract, and they’re free to walk away from those contracts if they don’t find them mutually beneficial. Ultimately, it’s a win-win proposition for both sides of the equation.

There’s just one problem with this rosy picture: it’s hopelessly outdated, and it fails to take into account the realities of employment in the modern workplace.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • why most of us are practically living in a communist dictatorship at work;
  • why your freedom to leave your company is barely any freedom at all; and
  • why many of us avoid talking about or even recognizing this astounding lack of freedom.