What’s in it for me? A toast to being different.

So many business guides value conformity over creativity. Their rules and strict prescriptions make it seem like there’s only one road to success. But there is another way. 

These blinks argue that the best way forward is to see virtues where others only see vices. Are you ambitious, obsessed, and maybe a little bit weird? Those individual quirks or so-called imperfections are actually your most valuable asset. 

Based on the experiences of two audacious entrepreneurs, Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger, this guide shows why sticking to the straight and narrow over your own idiosyncratic identity is a dead end. With real-world examples and entertaining anecdotes, these blinks are the ideal companion for anyone who wants to rise to the top without losing their personal charm. 

Once you’re convinced of this counterintuitive approach, discover which vice is actually your primary virtue with the Rare Breed quiz: rarebreedbook.com/quiz/.

In these blinks, you’ll learn 

  • why 10,000 hours of practice isn’t enough;
  • how red shoes make you stand out; and
  • why you should never punt.