What’s in it for me? Get an overview of where modern physics came from and where it’s headed.

Our universe is a fascinating place: not just the solar system and galaxies, but the world that’s going on around us down at the atomic level. For a long time, we were largely in the dark about both the big picture of where our planet is in the universe, as well as the nature of the building blocks of life.

Thanks to author Carlo Rovelli, we can look at both of these worlds through the eyes of a physicist. Rovelli guides us through the birth of modern physics and explains what the two pillars of general relativity and quantum mechanics have taught us.

Rovelli also explains which pressing questions physicists are struggling with today and discusses the missing pieces that are still being sought out.

In these blinks, you’ll find

  • why there are no things in the world, only temporary events;
  • what an “atom of space” is and why it might be the missing piece of the puzzle; and
  • how heat and time are related.