What’s in it for me? Big ideas for small businesses.

Striking out on your own in the world of business can be difficult – but that’s to be expected. One difficulty many small business owners don’t expect is a lack of information. There’s a wealth of advice out there – advice geared toward CEOs and MBA graduates. But as a boutique business owner, you don’t really need to read the latest Medium post on how to scale-up your 200-strong start-up. What you do need are smart business concepts tailored specifically to small businesses like yours, and explained succinctly and clearly.

The fact is, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to business advice. Small enterprises face different concerns, challenges, and advantages to large firms. That’s where the blinks to Simple Tips, Smart Ideas come in. They’re filled with honest advice on the pitfalls and possibilities for small businesses.

Read on to discover

  • why you should throw away your business plan and draw up a business map instead;
  • what your company’s most valuable asset really is; and
  • why storytelling beats salesmanship every time.