What’s in it for me? A brilliantly brainy book to get the gray cells going.

The mind is an uncanny thing. It’s both deeply familiar and entirely strange.

We usually think of it as a cockpit controlled by our own personality. But as anyone who’s studied the mind – from old-school Freudians to the most up-to-date neuroscientists – will tell you, it’s often the hidden hand of the subconscious that’s running the show.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. If we had to consciously process every desire, action and gesture, life would become impossible. Simply drinking a cup of coffee would be utterly draining.

But it does raise plenty of interesting questions. What really makes us who we are? How do we make decisions and reach conclusions about the nature of reality? Why do people change so radically over time?

That’s where these blinks come in. They not only answer these questions; they provide a wide-ranging tour of the brain that is as stimulating as it is thought-provoking.

Along the way, you’ll also learn

  • why London cabbies’ brains are different from other people’s;
  • how smell changes your perception of moral behavior; and
  • why Botox can make you less empathetic.