What’s in it for me? A new approach to money.

Medicare for all! A Green New Deal! High-quality public education for every child in the country! Each of these proposals promises us that a better world is possible. Still, any advocate of big change always faces the question, “But how will we pay for it?”

According to The Deficit Myth, footing the bill for bigger government programs isn’t as daunting as it seems if we embrace new economic ideas, such as Modern Monetary Theory. This innovative approach to money ditches the constraints of outdated economic thinking in favor of a more dynamic model better suited for the contemporary world.

These blinks spell out how Modern Monetary Theory works with clear, in-depth examples and explainers. The blinks also break down stale assumptions about spending, which limit the bold political action needed to take on the world’s biggest problems.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • how buckets can make sense of international trade;
  • where money actually comes from; and
  • why we can ignore the price of space travel.