What’s in it for me? Position yourself to make a fortune from the coming financial collapse.

Over the last two decades, global economic output has been stagnating. In response, all governments do is lower interest rates and pump money into the financial sector. These are short-sighted policies that do little to stimulate real economic growth, but what they have done is funnel wealth right to the very top. This has led to previously unheard-of levels of financial inequality.

As these blinks show, this can’t be sustained. The situation we’re in today mirrors the conditions that led to the Great Depression almost a century ago.

But it isn’t all bad news for investors. While the Great Depression was a time of great hardship, it also triggered an unprecedented transfer of wealth that made some people great fortunes. If you make the right investment choices now, you too can make a fortune when the next downturn strikes.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • why the stock market isn’t a good measure of how the economy is doing;
  • why the Federal Reserve is a protectorate for the ultra-elite; and
  • why the US might not maintain its leading position in the global economy much longer.