What’s in it for me? A rundown of remote work strategies.

Working from home sounds like a dream. There’s no commute, you’ve got snacks at hand, and you don’t have to face any chatty colleagues. But all that freedom comes with additional responsibility. Some even struggle to remain productive.

Luckily, The New Corner Office is here to help. To assemble this practical guide to remote work, time management expert Laura Vanderkam drew on her two decades’ experience researching professional success, as well as countless interviews with managers, employees, and freelancers around the world. 

The result? A simple set of tried-and-tested strategies for remaining productive, creative, and happy while working remotely. The sensible recommendations found in this book-in-blinks will help you stay on task, stick to your routines, and accomplish your goals – all without succumbing to cabin fever. 

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • what puppies can teach us about work;
  • how to make a digital happy hour; and
  • why you should always pick a room with a view.