What’s in it for me? Learn the practice of being a successful strategist, not just the theory.

What do you expect from business leaders in today’s world? Financial literacy, data-crunching skill, marketing know-how, organizational talent…The list goes on. But all these general business competencies will not go far without the one that brings them all together: strategic leadership.

In our volatile business environment, leaders are faced with constant major changes. New technologies and new global challenges like climate change have all made planning and decision-making more complicated. And this new world order brings new responsibilities for companies and for those who guide them.

That’s why the new strategist is needed. Anyone who wants to steer an organization to success needs the ability to develop and implement strategies that respond to the changing conditions. In these blinks, you’ll learn what professional strategists do, the competencies they need to have, and the tools they can use to guide their work. You’ll discover the responsibilities they have and the practical solutions they can implement in their journey to becoming the strategic leader that every modern company needs.

You’ll also find out

  • why maximizing profit is no longer the only purpose of a business;
  • how an advisor differs from a specialist when it comes to strategy; and
  • what a strategist and an architect have in common.