What’s in it for me? Another approach to understanding human behavior.

How would you describe human nature? Are we kind and forgiving, or are we cruel and vengeful? Do we have altruistic impulses, or are we merely selfish and stingy? The truth is, all of the above. Humans are complex creatures. 

So, where do all these habits and hang-ups come from? Well, all those wholesome, horrible, and downright weird qualities that make us human were forged through thousands of years of evolution. Specifically, key facets of human nature emerged during our ancestors’ transition from living in forests to living on the African savannah.

These blinks detail how this critical phase in human history has left a permanent impression on how we think, act, and relate to each other. Drawing on in-depth research from the fields of biology, psychology, and social science, they show how an evolutionary lens can help us understand even the most counterintuitive aspects of our modern culture.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • why children don’t bring happiness;
  • how much a chimp’s brain weighs; and
  • what farming has to do with inequality.