What’s in it for me? Learn from an Apple insider how to simplify your business.

Picture Apple’s product range. Platinum MacBooks. Wafer-thin iPhones.Whatever the product, it’s sleek, attractive, and instantly recognizable as Apple. Above all, it looks beautifully simple. 

In fact, if you look at Apple’s product design and retail stores, as well as how management engages with its teams, you’ll see that simplicity is at the heart of Apple’s operations. Why? Because they understand that simplicityis the most powerful tool for a modern business. Consumers prefer it. Employees love it. And with it, management can take a company to astonishing heights. 

But simplicity is hard. It takes work to distill a company’s brand, to cut through layers of departmental complexity, or to streamline a product range. The good news is that these blinks will provide the tools you need to simplify, and will give you insights from some of the sharpest people in business.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • how Ben & Jerry’s make the complex look simple;
  • why Steve Jobs was a hands-on leader; and
  • how a Communist-era soft drink successfully competed with Coke and Pepsi.