What’s in it for me? Master the art of communication.

Even though we spend a lot of time interacting with one another, we’re surprisingly bad at communicating. 

And we pay the price for it. Poor communication handicaps us in our personal relationships and at work. We struggle to listen, we don’t always say the right things in the right way, and even a small change on someone’s face or in their tone can lead to a major falling-out. 

Fortunately, good communication skills can be taught, and these blinks aim to do exactly that. Through 12 clear steps, these blinks show us how to prepare for conversations, be more focused and sincere, and create a communication dynamic that encourages trust and understanding. 

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • how to turn down the voices in your head;
  • why keeping it short really is sweet; and
  • what our brains are bad at.